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A robust ‘anti-racism’ programme for experienced brand, marketing and comms professionals ‌who want to create with confidence, make an impact and lead with authenticity.

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If you’re a brand strategist, copywriter, journalist or marketer – you know that your time is now – right? 

You’re being called on to show up intentionally and to confidently take a stand.
So if you’re ready to find solid ground and do your bit as copywriter, marketer or strategist…
(Without feeling like you’re clumsily fumbling around in the dark)…
Keep reading to find out how DBD can help.

First up,

What exactly is meant by decolonial?

To put it simply: if Anti-Racism is the step up from Diversity and Inclusion, Decoloniality is the step up from Anti-Racism. It’s an ongoing commitment to redressing the global imbalance caused by the impact of our Western – dominated world. Why? Because it’s these ideas, monuments and narratives that give permission for racism to exist to begin with.

Most folk don’t know this: But the birth of commercial branding went hand in hand with the need to justify Colonialism and promote racist ideologies. With this in mind, DBD’s committed to supporting those within the industry to contribute to its Decolonial / Anti-Racist future.

Watch this video

on the colonial history of branding for a real taste of what we’re talking about.

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Creatives will shift the planet. So this course was created for you.

DBD focuses on the core components that lay the foundation for systemic racism and other forms of oppression.

So instead of attempting to collect and include all of the various branches – this course cuts straight to the root.

You’ll have access to key provocations to reflect on, as you create and share your work. Our framework is designed to support you in contributing to important conversations – without making ‘Pepsi’ mistakes.


These video lessons are fused with academic insight designed to be immediately applicable to your creative projects.

No more “here’s a bunch of resources – now go and figure out how to apply them”. You’ll get an actual step by step guiding you through the process of reflecting on your work’s potential impact. The provocations in the framework are designed for you to revisit as often as you need to. 

You’ll be prompted to complete a series of exercises, enabling you to finish the programme with a tangible piece of work or idea you can be proud of.

Three statements you can use on your website, emails, proposals or contracts to inform new, existing and potential clients of your approach in regards to decoloniality / anti-racism within your work.

You can either copy, paste and fill in the blanks or use as inspiration to write your own.

You’ll also have the option to book a 30 minute complimentary consultation. (To be redeemed within one month after purchasing the course). You can use this to go over projects, pieces or the general approach to your work. Please note, this is only valid until June 30th while we continue to develop the programme. 

Why this, why now?

There’s this idea that when it comes to anti-racism education, you should take the initiative, select from a general group of resources and figure out how to apply the insights to your work. 

Worthwhile start? Sure. Especially for your personal Decolonial journey. 

But when you want to apply the insights to your area of expertise, specialisation is key.

If you were selling a property and needed to learn about the legal side, would you read a general legal book? Or a legal book that’s specifically about property sales? 

Same when it comes to anti-racism.

Start wide with a basic curriculum, yes. But when you find yourself wanting to effectively apply it to your field of expertise, this is an invitation to go deep. 

It's time for a focused approach
  • So if you’re a teacher, learn about racism in education.
  • If you work in sport, learn about racism in sport
  • If you’re a scientist, learn about scientific racism.
  • Yoga teacher? Learn about decolonizing wellness.
  • And if you’re working in branding & advertising, hello 🙂

& Meet the tiny team making it happen.

We’re here to ensure that your journey with DBD is valuable.

Najité Phoenix

Founder and curriculum developer

Vikki Acland

Communications and growth manager

meet the instructor

Najité Phoenix is Decolonial by Design’s founder and curriculum developer. Find out more about what she brings to the programme below.

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Completed her MA in Brands, Communications and Culture before beginning a PhD in Critical Marketing.


Background in arts activism, brand strategy, copywriting for change and spoken word. 


Trained 300+ entrepreneurs to use storytelling for social good.

With a background in Arts Activism and an MA in Brands, Communications and Culture, Najité has spent over a decade engrossed in decoloniality / anti-racist practice. From working with grassroots organizations to speaking and consulting for corporations and think tanks including the BBC, DEMOS, Birmingham MET College and more. 

Now as a part-time PhD researcher currently delving into decolonial branding  – her commitment to sharing her work in the real world led to creating DBD. (The revolution won’t be academicized.)

If we really want to shift our society, creatives like you need easy access to digestible insights – so you can powerfully apply them to your work. A more balanced and collaborative world where the doers run with the insights of thinkers… is where the future of change-making is at.

What Folks Are Saying...

"The Decolonial by Design course was absolutely fantastic. It covered so much, delving into complex issues - presented clearly with great visuals. It's such an extensive piece of work that I think should be utilised by advertising, branding and comms teams everywhere. I 100% recommend. "

The DBD course is incredibly informative, engaging, easy to follow and reinforces why I want to decolonize the way I brand myself and market my services. I definitely recommend this course to anyone looking to decolonize the way they approach marketing and branding.

"The Decolonial by Design Framework is brilliant. I love how the provocations ask critical/complex questions in a clear an concise way. It's really helped me to reflect on the work that I do with NGOs. I think it's crucial for all organisations and marcomms professionals out there."

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Sure, just drop an email to with your request and we’ll get you set up. 

The course has been designed to be taken individually, enabling users to dip back into the course or framework as often as they like. If you are part of a team and opt to self-study you’re encouraged to feedback and discuss as a team. But if you would like to take it as part of a team one one sitting, that’s fine too. 

This is referring to the course’s current evolutionary stage. We’ve just made a few small tweaks after an initial beta-round and are now pooling insights from current participants to reshape specific content areas over the coming months. 

You’ll have access to the course for as long as it exists. This includes all future updates at no extra cost.


Decoloniality is a long term commitment.

But you can apply a framework to your projects immediately.

I’ve helped over 300 entrepreneurs and creatives achieve this in just one day. Through offline workshops with live group challenges that proved they understood their stuff!

Are you ready for a similar shift?