Decolonial by Design

Age-old wisdom for future-thinking brand comms.

Merging academia, cultural insight and self-inquiry we nurture brand, marketing and comms professionals to unlock their power to heal, restore balance and responsibly reshape worlds.

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Restorative comms


If you’re a brand strategist, copywriter, journalist or marketer – you know that your time is now – right? 
You’re being called on to show up intentionally and to confidently take a stand.
So if you’re ready to find solid ground and do your bit as copywriter, marketer or strategist…
(Without feeling like you’re clumsily fumbling around in the dark)…
Keep reading to find out how DBD can help.

The BETA perks:

During the beta period, I’m inviting freelancers and agency people alike – to get a taste of what Decolonial by Design has to offer, at an entry-level price point.

This ensures it gets into the right hands – early on – while also enabling its growth.

In light of this, I’m currently offering a supportive-guarantee. You can try out the course content for yourself and test the framework. And if you feel confused or lacking, you can shoot me an email and I’ll jump on a call (or two) and work with you until you’re solid.

Yep – I really believe in this work!

This is a pretty wholesome BETA programme, where I truly encourage you to shape its future. So don’t be shy with making those suggestions and dropping that honest feedback! Until the programme is second to none.


Decoloniality is a long term commitment.

But you can apply a framework to your projects immediately. I’ve helped over 300 entrepreneurs and creatives achieve this in just one day. Through offline workshops with live group challenges that proved they understood their stuff! Are you ready for a similar shift?